During your stay in our establishment please abide to the following rules.

Obligations of the Guest:

1 The host is required to register on arrival, and the representative of groups must provide the names of all guests to be hosted.
The Hotel will deny any guest accommodation that does not comply with these requirements and shall be entitled to demand if deemed appropriate, the identification of the applicant and the persons accompanying him.

All amenities are payable at the time of arrival, Possible additional costs are borne by the host and are canceled at the time of leaving the hotel. If the customer does not pay on time, no cash refund is given.

2 Check in is from 14:00 hours and check out is set at 12:00 hours every day. Guests that stay longer will be charged an extra day; tolerance will be allowed up to 60 minutes.

3 No person has the right to give accommodation to another without the prior consent of management or their representatives hosts.

4. food and beverages within the hotel which are not purchased at the hotel are prohibited. The hotel reserves the right to charge a fee.

5 animals are not permitted in the rooms without managements approval.

6 The Hotel is not responsible for jewelry or other valuable items left in the rooms or other parts of the Hotel.

7 any illegal acts will be reported to appropriate authorities

8 guests are prohibited to cause discomfort to other users within the establishment; using electric current and mechanical equipment in the rooms for other purposes other than which they are intended.

9 All complaints & suggestions can be posted to our suggestion box located at the reception or directly to the clerk or manager.

10 guests are forbidden to drive nails or hang pictures and objects on walls, light fires, or having substances that disturb other users in the hotel.

11 The hotel is obliged to respect the reservations made by guests previously confirmed & paid before arrival to the hotel.

12 when leaving the hotel room every guest has the obligation to shut the windows, entrance doors, faucets, turn off lights and fans.

13. forgotten objects of value will be kept by the administration for 30 days.

14 We recommend that each guest should check the room inventory upon arrival since at the time of departure, items will be reviewed and missing or damaged items shall be charged by the host for another item equal or otherwise be charged at cost.

15 The use of towels is exclusively within the Hotel. The value of the towels is $30 in the event of loss.

16 Hotel Iguanito not responsible for damage or injury caused to the guest during tours of extreme sports.

As carried out:
– To make a booking, the guest should check availability via the Internet or by telephone, to which we will give you response within 48 hours.

– key dates such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter and bookings over 3 days, the deposit of 50% or 100% of the total value of the stay is requested, for this purpose make a bank deposit or Western Union within 48 hours.

– Upon receipt of the amount, the room will be reserved to the client who made the booking.

– If through no fault of the company, the hotel is unable to meet the reservation, accommodation will be found in any another hotel of similar status (after consulting the guest) or the amount will be refunded.


– The guest who cancels their booking has the right to the use the deposit made within 1 year, with 3 days before the committed date or 7 days if high season (June to September and December to April) or Holidays.

– The guest who fails to cancel accommodation dates or did not get the company to do its cancellation within 3-7 days prior loses the principle the amount of the deposit accordingly.

– youths under 18 years must be accompanied of at least one responsible adult. Those responsible must sleep in the hotel.

– any damages to the building or inventory will be reported to the law.

– Theft and intentional damage will be reported immediately.

– In case of any damage or loss of keys or towels, these are charged at the time of departure.

It is understood that when you make the booking, the guest acknowledges and accepts fully the present rules of HOTEL IGUANITO, being satisfied and agrees with all the above points.

Any questions, suggestions or complaints about this document please contact us: + (507) – 65497464 or send an e-mail to [email protected] who will give you response within 48 hours.

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